Get Your Home And Air Conditioning Unit Ready For The Summer Now

6 Tips for Getting your Air Conditioning Unit Ready for the Summer

This year, winter was just a suggestion for South Florida and summer feels like it already started…just yesterday. Now what do you do? The blistering temperatures in South Florida are using a lot of the energy it takes your AC […]

Why Buying a New Air Conditioning Unit Makes Economical Sense

Signature Air Conditioning buying a new air conditioning unit

Buying a new air conditioning unit can help you save money

There are at least two great reasons why buying a new air conditioning unit makes practical economic sense. First off you can get a rebate from FPL. In order to qualify for a valuable A/C Buying Rebate, you must:

Purchase […]

Time To Update Your AC Unit - Freon Will Cost You More This Summer

Update your AC Unit to Avoid High Freon R-22 Costs

We haven’t even made it to summer yet and the South Florida temperature is already climbing to numbers so high we just want to stay inside where it is cool. Now is the time…BEFORE your unit breaks and costs you even more […]