Can Shutting AC Vents in Unused Rooms Save Energy?

Can Shutting AC Vents in Unused Rooms Save Energy? on

Don’t rely on myths to conserve energy when it comes to your air conditioning

If you live in South Florida, you’ve probably been surprised by a high energy bill. And if you grew up here, you may have at one point had someone tell you to shut unused AC vents to save energy. Conserving power and lowering expenses are something we all want to do, especially after being surprised by a higher bill than you were expecting. But is closing vents in unused rooms the way to do it?

The answer is no. It’s a myth. Shutting the vents in a little-used portion of your home isn’t going to save energy if you have modern heating and cooling. Everything in modern HVAC technology is balanced and built the way it is for a reason, and when you close a portion of the system off, it does little good and could throw things out of whack. Doing so could even cause damage, costing you money and headaches to get it repaired.

And anyone who has spent a day without AC in the Florida summer knows that that’s not something you want to happen.

In addition, closing your vents to save energy may actually increase your energy usage. When you block vents, you’re putting pressure on the system and the air could start escaping from, and cooling off, portions of your home that are of no use to you, notably any cracks in the system. This causes your AC to spend more energy than it needs to in order to keep you cool as it tries to adjust to the chosen temperature.

If you want to decrease energy costs, your best bet is to simply lower your thermostat, make sure your house is properly insulated, use standing fans or ceiling fans to circulate the air and help keep you cool, and – if your AC is operating improperly – contact a professional who knows what they’re doing.

An experienced HVAC technician will understand why you may be having problems and will know exactly how to fix it. There isn’t going to be any guesswork in the process, and proper maintenance and repair means you could save money on bigger fixes plus improve efficiency, which are especially important for your wallet when running the AC consistently in South Florida’s heat.

Don’t rely on old wives’ tales to lower your energy expenditures. And depend on an expert to keep your South Florida home cool. Signature Air has been in the business a long time and we know what it takes to keep your system in peak condition at an affordable cost. If you’re looking to save energy and ensure that your AC is working properly, you’re in the right place. Click here to see what we can do for you.