5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Air Conditioner

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Air Conditioner on acserviceandrepairsouthflorida.com

Don’t ignore these red flags.

As a business owner, you basically have two groups of people you need to make happy. The first is your customers. Obviously, without them, you don’t have a business, so you need to make sure that they’re given quality products and top-notch service. The other pivotal folks you can’t forget about are your employees. You probably wouldn’t be where you are without your dedicated staff behind you.

One of the best ways to ensure that both your customers and employees are content is by providing a comfortable environment for everyone. This means that your place of business has to be welcoming, friendly, and comfortable. And in South Florida, comfortable equals cool. Nobody wants to spend much time in a hot building, so it’s vital that your air conditioning is always working well.

If any of these issues are familiar to you, a replacement is probably in order:

Your business is always hot

Of course, this is the obvious sign that your AC needs to be replaced. If everybody is constantly walking around with a sheen on their foreheads and those incremental thermostat turndowns just don’t seem to be helping, there’s a problem. A repair may do the trick but a replacement may be necessary, especially if…

The AC’s over a decade old

If you are diligent with your maintenance, it’s possible you’ll get a good 20 years or so out of your AC. However, once units reach the 10-year mark – especially if they’ve gotten a lot of use – they start to wear down.

You’re always calling the repair guy

Do you have your AC guy on speed dial because it’s always breaking down? They may only be minor fixes that don’t cost a lot, but if they’re happening constantly, that money can add up quickly. Not to mention the inconvenience.

Your energy bills keep going up

Another sign you need a new unit is when your energy bills start creeping up, even though your usage is the same. This means that it’s just not running as efficiently as it once did, and a new system should probably be put in.

Extensive repairs are needed

A new commercial AC is expensive, so if yours isn’t working well, you may rather pay for a repair. However, if it’s something serious, and even if the cost to get it fixed is less than a new unit, it may make more sense to get the replacement. As the AC ages, chances are you’ll need additional repairs, and at a certain point you’ll just be wasting money.

You owe it to your customers and employees to keep them cool all year long, and if your AC isn’t up for the job, contact Signature Air. We’ll send a pro out to assess the needs of your business and make an expert recommendation for whether repairs are in order, or whether a new system is a good option. Call us at 954.457.4560 or get in touch through our online contact form.