Energy Saving Options in New Commercial AC Units

Employees complaining about the south Florida heat? Could it be your air conditioning unit?

Commercial air conditioning systems have evolved significantly over the past two decades. While you may think stinking with your old unit will save you money, this may not be accurate when you consider the long term energy savings […]

Keep Your Cool! 7 Tips for Staying Cool When Temperatures Heat Up

Here are some tactics you may not know about

We may be well into fall, but in south Florida the calendar doesn’t usually mean too much when it comes to the weather. While the majority of the country is digging out their sweaters, we get to stay in shorts. The downside is […]

How Building Owners Can Better Their Energy Efficiency

It’s time to get the whole team onboard

If you want to begin saving energy in your building, there are a million ways to start. New technologies can help owners increase competence while lessening consumption, but people are also an essential part of the process. If you truly want to increase a […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Don’t ignore these red flags.

As a business owner, you basically have two groups of people you need to make happy. The first is your customers. Obviously, without them, you don’t have a business, so you need to make sure that they’re given quality products and top-notch service. The other pivotal folks […]

Can Shutting AC Vents in Unused Rooms Save Energy?

Don’t rely on myths to conserve energy when it comes to your air conditioning

If you live in South Florida, you’ve probably been surprised by a high energy bill. And if you grew up here, you may have at one point had someone tell you to shut unused AC vents to save […]